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Welcome to this year’s United conference of Hepatogastroenterology and Infectious Diseases 2020 (UCHID 2020), the strongest dedicated call to unify all societies, associations and departments working in the field of Hepatogastroenterology and infectious diseases in Egypt.

We are delighted to invite you to join the meeting at Grand Nile Tower, Cairo, from 09-12 Spetember 2020.

Hepatogastroenterology is undergoing dramatic changes – with highly effective drugs to cure hepatitis C, a major increase of metabolic liver diseases and liver cancer worldwide, multiple novel innovative treatment concepts for rare liver diseases and hepatitis B emerging.

Also, the marked advances in endoscopy and other diagnostic and therapeutic achievements.

It is our great pleasure and honor to welcome you to UCHID 2020, we managed last year to bring together clinicians, scientists and hepatogastro- enterology associates from all around Egypt to discuss latest advances at the frontline of hepatology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases and related disciplines. Complementary to the new tools of digital communication, UCHID 2020 provides a unique opportunity to meet and discuss clinical innovation and research challenges with a rather clinical taste this year addressing both young doctors and those who have carved their way in the field for the past yeasr, as well as providing social interaction, networking and developing future collaborations.

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Grasping on that moment of the gathering of international and national physician scientists in hepato-gastroenterology and infectious diseases, we took the chance to organize a must attend post-graduate course for all young clinicians before their master's and doctoral exams.

About the conference

This is one of the greatest integrated scientific meetings to-date to be nationally launched.

We believed it’s time to create a center of experience based on the power of sharing real life experience crossing all the barriers between the greatest universities in the country as well as other nearby countries.

Uniting most experienced skilled medical human resources including senior staff members gathered from the greatest universities all over the country will assure the healthy and homogenous spread of knowledge.

Believing that clinical experience is the key towards a better medical judgment and scientific future, we stressed on investing the experienced human resources specialized in the various fields so that we could draw a map for future experienced patient oriented practice.


With that integrated valuable gathering of the most experienced and skilled medical personnel and staff members along the country and by extensive discussions and focused state of art lectures, we aim at paving the way for continuous medical experience sharing and probably laying the corner stone of scientific future collaboration eliminating all the spatial barriers

Providing an optimum opportunity of sharing medical knowledge and experiences along the country.

Providing a healthy organized environment for extended medical discussion and sharing difficult clinical scenarios.

Presenting state of art lectures and about different medical topics will help updating knowledge in vast fields of medicine.

Attempts to launch similar meetings in the future to intensify the power of integrated team work in order to build up a formulated clinical approach for difficult scenarios.

Probably facilitating the opportunity of scientific collaboration and future researches among the different nations eliminating all barriers.

Most importantly, dedicated efforts have been exerted in a serious attempt to create updated guidelines serving clinical judgement in real life practice aiming at optimizing outcome.

Extracting the ultimate experience from most specialized medical personnel drawing the path for optimum clinical outcome.

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UCHID 2019

2019 Facts and Figures


Total number of delegates: 1847

International speakers

12 international speakers


Number of total scientific hours: 200


Number of participated countries: 22

Chairpersons & Speakers

Number of chairpersons & speakers: 435

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General information

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract to UCHID Cairo 2019! UCHID 2019 is proud to announce a variety of prizes for accepted abstracts in the field of HEPATOLOGY, GASTROENTEROLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Top Abstract Prize will be granted in each of the previously mentioned fields as 650 $ as well as free registration, to be awarded to the first author (principle investigator), who should also be the presenting author.


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Scientific Program

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