Dr Heiner Wedemeyer, MD

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University Clinic Essen since February 2018. Also he is the Managing Director of the German Hepatitis C-Registry. Furthermore, He has authored over 325 original articles, with special interest in viral hepatitis, liver transplantation and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Dr Paolo Angeli, MD, Phd

Head of the Unit of Internal Medicine and Hepatology (UIMH), University-Hospital of Padova, Italy. Head of a research group working on the pathophysiology and treatment of acute, chronic and acute on chronic liver diseases and on liver transplantation. He is Secretary of the International Ascites Club, and as a member of EASL he has participated in drafting guidelines for the management of patients with cirrhosis and ascites. Dr Paolo is an Author of more than 130 original articles in indexed international journals.


Head of the Hepato-Gastroenterology department at Hospital Saint Joseph, Marseilles, France. Associate Professor at the Paris Hospital Medical College. He published more than 250 papers or chapters in international journals and books focused on hepatitis B and C. He co-chairs the French Agency for AIDS and hepatitis research (ANRS). He is a Member of scientific committee of the HEPATHER cohort, French (AFEF), the American association for study of liver disease (AASLD) and the European associations for the study of the liver

Dr Graham Foster

Professor of Hepatology at Queen Mary University of London, and the clinical lead for hepatology at Barts Health. Professor Foster was the founding President of The British Viral Hepatitis Group, a past President of the British Association for the Study of The Liver, and is a trustee of the Hepatitis C Trust. In addition, he is Vice Chairman of the UK Department of Health Advisory Group on Hepatitis and a member of a number of patient advocacy groups. He is the sub-editor of The Journal of Viral Hepatitis and has published widely in the field of viral liver disease.

Dr Massimo Colombo, MD

Professor of Gastroenterology at the University of Milan, Italy. He is Director of the Center for Translational Research in Liver Disease at Humanitas Research Hospital ,Rozzano Italy. In 2016, he was appointed Chair of the EASL International Liver Foundation. Dr Massimo is a Recipient of numerous awards including the 2010 EASL Recognition Award for outstanding medical and scientific contributions, as well as the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver Distinguished Service Award and the German Gastroenterology Society Thannhauser Medal Award. He has authored more than 450 original manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Zhining Fan

Director of Institute of Digestive Endoscopy of Nanjing Medical University. Director of Training Center for Digestive Endoscopy of Chinese Ministry of Health. Leader of Jiangsu provincial high-level scientific personnel training project, And executive Director of Jiangsu Medical Association. He has Over 30 publications of his were published in Chinese and international journals including Lancet Oncology and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Dr Rui Tato Marinho MD, Phd

Head of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte, EPE. He received the Medal of Merit of the Portuguese Medical Association in 2015. Also, Dr Rui is the Former president of Portuguese Association for the Study of the Liver (2007 - 2009) Dr Rui has 86 International publications.

Dr. Mo Thoufeeq, FRCP

Consultant at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust | STH · Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
Yunus M – new

Professor Yunus Moosa

President - Southern African HIV Clinicians Society
Professor Moosa is an Associate Professor, Chief Specialist and Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His work focuses on the care of inpatients and outpatients with complex infectious disease issues. He is involved in bedside teaching and training of medical students, postgraduates at all levels and Infectious Diseases Subspecialists. Professor Moosa has been an invited consultant to the WHOs Special Programme for Tropical Disease Research and Training scientific working group to assist in defining the global tuberculosis agenda and has also been invited by Social and Scientific Systems to assist with developing an assessment tool for South Africa's PEPFAR program
Mphothulo, Ndiviwe 1

Dr Ndiviwe Mphothulo

Deputy President - Southern African HIV Clinicians Society
Dr Mphothulo holds an MB CHB degree, a Diploma in HIV management from the Colleges of Medicine, a Master of Public Health Degree (MPH) and a Master of Business Leadership (MBL). Currently a Board member of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society, and the Executive committee member of Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa (RuDASA), and was South African 2017 Rural Health conference organizing committee chairperson and conference chairperson. He has been a medical doctor for 17 years and has worked at various clinics at Taung Sub-District for 6 years and at Taung District Hospital’s TB unit for 14 years and MDR-TB unit for 9 years, has also been running a GP practice since 2004. At Taung District Hospital he was part of the first wellness clinic rolling out ARVs in 2004, and he was part of establishing the Decentralised MDR-TB unit in 2009 which serves the whole Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District. In recognition of efforts in combating challenges in rural health, Dr Mphothulo has received the following accolades: 2013 Service Excellence Award from the Health MEC, for best performing Doctors in North West Province; 2014 Community Medical Builder Award from the South African Medical Association Trade Union, 2015 South African Rural Doctor of the Year from RuDASA, 2017 Best performing MDR-TB doctor in North West Province from Chief Director (HAST), and the Spirit of Medicine Award, 2018, from the South African Medical Association (SAMA).
Lauren J

Ms Lauren Jankelowitz

BA Social Work (WITS), MBA (WBS), PhD candidate (GIBS) Lauren has been working with non-profit organisations involved in HIV and public health for over 20 years. Key areas within these fields include: patient and family support, research, new community care models, clinical work with at-risk groups, training, and supporting healthcare workers. She loved working in community, doing long-term development work with individuals and groups. Because she was a good social worker, Lauren quickly became a manager of peers, then teams and projects, and ultimately organisations. She realised the importance of business acumen in her environment which made her engage a series of business studies that enabled her to address problems from both a social and economic perspective. This combination has also pushed her in the direction of social enterprise, the subject of which forms her current PhD research; and thus she considers herself to be a social entrepreneur.
Adams, Siraaj 1

Mr Siraaj Adams

Mr Adams has over 10 years’ experience in HIV disease management. Siraaj has a pharmacy degree, MBA and MPH and is a current board member of SABCOHA and TB/HIV Care. He represents the private sector at various Provincial Aids Councils. Siraaj successfully launched the NDoH HIV ,TB and PrEP Mobile Apps. He recently presented a TEDX talk on Next Generation Public Private Partnerships on YouTube. He won the 2017 emerging Entrepreneur of the Year competition . He aims to influence policy & guidelines in the private sector that complement the public sector and support the broader public health strategy.
Archary, M

Dr Moherndran Archary

Dr Archary is a Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at King Edward VIII Hospital affiliated to the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal. He is actively involved with the management of children with HIV. His research interests include antiretroviral drug therapeutics, viral resistance and optimal timing of initiation of antiretroviral therapy in the developing world.
Conradie, Francesca 1

Dr Francesca Conradie

Dr Conradie has been with Clinical HIV Research Unit (CHRU) since 2000, where she serves as Deputy Director.. She has authored and co-authored many journal articles and abstracts. She led the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society's development of guidelines for antiretroviral drug resistance testing and has assisted with the writing of the Society guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in adults. Francesca is also a member of the Human Research and Ethics Committee of Wits University. Francesca obtained her MBBCh from Wits University in 1988. She was involved in general practice until she joined CHRU in 2000. Since then she has obtained a Diploma in HIV Management; a Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; and a Higher Diploma in Epidemiology (from the University of London). Dr Conradie joined CHRU as a sub-investigator. She has since been the principal investigator on a number of trials. She worked in the HIV clinic at Helen Joseph Hospital from 2001 until 2005. In that time, she participated in the start of the ARV rollout. She has gained extensive experience in ARV therapy and its complications, and in opportunistic infections. Her current research focus in MDR TB.
Manyike, P

Dr Peter Manyike

Dr Manyike is the Co-Founder and Deputy CEO of SEAD Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a strategic management and health consultancy with offices in Cape Town and Pretoria. Peter is a pharmacist by training and holds the following academic qualifications: B Pharm, MSc Med (Cum Laude), and PhD (University of Washington, Seattle - USA, 1999). Peter’s work experience includes hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing (both processing and packaging – Eli Lilly and Schering Plough), clinical research (Bayer Healthcare, Roche Products, and ICON Clinical Research), and experience in an integrated vaccine research and development environment at the South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI), a lead programme of the Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC), Cape Town, all in South Africa. Peter is also lead researcher on a five-year Human Resource for Health (HRH) grant supporting the DoH in its endeavours to augment human capital in poorly functioning districts in SA. Peter knows the donor environment well, as SEAD has been a sub-recipient of multiple grants since 2006. He also has good knowledge of corporate governance and how businesses should operate.
Mulaudzi, Ben 3

Dr Muhangwi Molaudzi

MBCHB, Medical University of South Africa (1990).
Dr Molaudzi has been managing and treating HIV/AIDS since 1991 and was amongst the first clinicians to treat HIV/AIDS in South Africa and was the first to treat HIV/AIDS in the North West Province. He is a founding member and board member of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society and serves on the Guidelines Committees. Dr Molaudzi was invited by the Aids Society of India in October 2017 to Share the Experiences of Managing HIV in Africa. He has also given numerous talks on HIV and PreP in South Africa. Dr Molaudzi played a major role in the establishment of PreP Train the Trainers in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and South Africa. He is a professional member of EASL, APASAL, IAS, EACS, SAHCS, IASL, AASLD, IAPAC, AGM and ALLSA
Padayatchi, Nesri 1

Professor Nesri Padayatchi

Professor Nesri Padayatchi, a clinician/epidemiologist, is the Deputy Director of CAPRISA and an Associate Professor and honorary lecturer in the Department of Public Health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She has more than 30 years clinical and research experience in the management of TB and related problems and is one of South Africa’s experts in the management of drug resistant forms of tuberculosis. She completed a Masters degree in Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York, on a Fogarty Scholarship and a PhD at the University of KwaZulu Natal. She is a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). She has published widely in the field of TB-HIV and is a reviewer of several international journals.